Wheata - Rainbow bridge Feb 2013

Wheata (formerly known as Rita at VRRA) was rescued from a parking lot with a big abess on her back. She was adopted into my life Nov. 2010 and unexpectily became ill and passed away in Februbary 2013 I write this in her memory...

Many would have overlooked that big plain brown bunny sitting in her cage at the shelter but for me it was love at first sight, she was definitely one of a kind.

She had big beautiful upright ears and her personality charmed me. Though she was obviously abondoned, it didn't seem to deter her trust in people. She was easy going, letting any stranger stick their hand into her space, and then glady received a pat or an behind the ear scritch. Early on I relized she wasn't just any ordinary bunny, she was smart and independent, yet loved people. She learned multiple verbal commands such as "hop up", "turn around" and "give a kiss" - she would jump through hoops, and pick up a wicker ball and give it to me.

She was a dignified, Cleopatra of a rabbit, keeping her territory well surveyed; and kept the status easily by coming and nudging her nose under your hand for a 40 minute head rub while you watched TV.

Outside the home she showed her other great side - she was a performer. She traveled well and became a perfect avocate of what it was to be a house rabbit. We performed at the annual rabbit festival together doing tricks and when the Vancouver Rabbit Agility Club was formed she quickly became a star. Her talent was focused and she was one of its highest jumpers. I would take her out with her harness and leash and people would always comment "oh she's so big", and "wow, so beautiful" and she would meet every stranger, from the age of one to adult, with the same acceptance.

She leaves me with a greater understanding of rabbits that I will continue to share; showing people how great house rabbits can be. Wheata, thanks for the memories.